Peel Elementary Teachers' Local

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Who to Contact When . . .

Are you a PETL member and unsure of who to contact in the Local about something?  Below is a good starting point.

President, Steve Dénommée, for:

  • general concerns around the overall operation of the Peel Local;
  • concerns to be brought to the PETL Executive.

Vice-PresidentsGail Bannister-Clarke, Matthew Curran, Matthew Jackson, Heather Thompson, and Deborah Waltman for concerns, information, and/or questions on school-related issues:

  • conflict with parents, administrators, or colleagues;
  • violent incidences;
  • unsatisfactory evaluations (TPA, NTIP);
  • CAS allegations;
  • concerns around the Collective Agreement (e.g., use of planning time, duty).

Member Services Manager, Anne Lorimer, for:

  • Information about going on a leave (e.g., maternity, parental, medical);
  • Doctor's notes
  • Requesting a Long Term Disability Claim form;
  • Long Term Disability Claims (approvals, declines, appeals).

Collective Bargaining Chair, Vice-President Matthew Jackson, for:

  • Collective Bargaining/Negotiations updates;
  • concerns around the implementation of the Collective Agreement;
  • breaches in the Collective Agreement.

Executive Member Committee Chairs for:

  • Information about specific events and committee involvement/activities

Secretary-Treasurer, Kellea Martin, for:

Occupational Health & Safety Teacher Advisor, Lisa Marie Gonsalves, for:

  • questions/concerns about specific or general workplace safety issues.

NB: While PETL owns our own benefits plan, the plan is administered by a third party.  Please contact OTIP Benefit Services at 1-866-783-6847 for questions around your benefits.