Steward Information Meeting Half Day Release

Mississauga Grand Banquet Hall
35 Brunel Rd., Mississauga ON L4Z 3E8

Event Type : PETL Events

If you did not fill out the attached form at the March 4th or 5th Steward Training, please fill it out fax it to the local office (905-564-7236) so that release letters may be prepared. If the steward is unable to attend, the alternate should book in place of the steward.  Only one representative from each location may attend.  Please inform the Local office of any changes.

PETL has planned a half day of release for a steward Information Meeting to be held at the Mississauga Grand Banquet Hall on April 15/19 (35 Brunel Rd., Mississauga ON L4Z 3E8).

The Jaiswal, Van Hooydonk, McCutcheon, Noble, Stubbings, Solomon-Henry, and da Silva Superintendencies, as well as the Stewards from the Mississauga Field Office, WWTW [We Welcome the World], Ray Lawson P.S., Roberta Bondar P.S. and Tony Pontes P.S. will attend the April 15/19 session.

Just a note that if you are a Steward in one of the year-round schools that you should attend the April 15 meeting (Ray Lawson, Roberta Bondar, and Tony Pontes public schools).