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ETFO Collective Bargaining eNewsletter - Bill 122 Update

Posted: November 25,2013

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What is Bill 122?

The School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, 2013, or Bill 122, was introduced in the Legislature by the government on October 22, 2013. If passed, Bill 122 would establish a formalized process for two-tier -- central and local -- bargaining for teachers and occasional teachers. There would also be the potential for central bargaining for other education professionals, like designated early childhood educators (DECEs), education support personnel (ESPs) and professional support personnel (PSPs).

ETFO's October 30, 2013, overview of Bill 122 provides an overview of its key features, as well as ETFO's concerns about the bill.

November 6th Meeting With Minister of Education

ETFO's latest meeting with the Minister of Education, Liz Sandals, was on November 6th. At that meeting, ETFO, OSSTF, OECTA, AEFO and CUPE were able to present her with common concerns about Bill 122, as well as with amendments to the legislation. ETFO was able to do this alongside the other teacher affiliates and CUPE as a unified group.


ETFO is pleased to working with the other affiliates and CUPE to achieve changes to Bill 122. There are also issues of specific concern to ETFO, like the 270-day notice period for bargaining contained in the legislation. ETFO is independently lobbying for amendments to address our concerns. For example, ETFO has met with the NDP's education critic, Peter Tabuns, to discuss ETFO's concerns about Bill 122 and our proposed amendments. He presented these concerns during the Second Reading debate on the bill.


ETFO will continue to work with other unions to put forward and lobby for amendments to the legislation.

When Will Bill 122 Become Law?

A bill must go through several stages in order to become law. Those stages are: Introduction and First Reading; Second Reading; Third Reading; Royal Assent. Click here for more information about how a bill becomes law in Ontario.

Second Reading for Bill 122 began on October 30th. It is currently being debated in the Legislature.


There is no predetermined timeline for the passage of bills. The government would like to see Bill 122 proceed as follows:

  • Second Reading vote and a referral to a standing committee by December 12, 2013, which is the date the Legislature adjourns;
  • The Legislature reconvenes on February 18, 2014, and the standing committee hearing for Bill 122 is likely to begin around that time;
  • Third Reading in early to mid-March 2014.

In a minority government situation, however, the government needs the cooperation of the Opposition parties to pass legislation. The PC caucus has just made it known that it will not cooperate on moving Bill 122 forward until the government responds to its demands to amend or repeal Regulation 274, the teacher hiring regulation.


Time will tell whether the PC caucus follows through with its threats or whether the government can negotiate a resolution to the standoff.


ETFO will continue to provide updates about Bill 122's progress through the legislative process as new information becomes available.