Election of School Steward

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Election of Steward

In accordance with the PETL Constitution, 8.3.1 - Steward Meetings, it is an expectation that "Each workplace shall elect a steward and an alternate steward". Since there was no PD Day on the last day of school, this election should take place at a time when all staff members are present at the school (i.e., the first week of school).  The Local recognizes that in some locations there is only one person who comes forward with an interest in becoming a steward or alternative, but the Constitution sttaes there should be an election.  It is imperative that the Principal does not decide on, choose, or offer the position of steward or alternate to a staff member, not should the position be offered as a sign-up position like that of an extracurrular activity.

If you require assistance with the Election of the Steward, please contact your Vice President Liaise at the Local.