Help Eliminate EQAO

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A message from ETFO President Sam Hammond.

As you know, the government is seeking input and suggestions from Ontarians regarding 2015 budget priorities. The suggestions are being provided online at “Budget Talks 2015” ( Viewers are able to vote for or against the suggestions.

I’d like to draw your attention to a suggestion posted regarding EQAO. It reads:
"The EQAO programme serves the interest of the government not the students. It is a public relations programme for the government. Not only does it take away valuable learning time for the students, it places unnecessary pressure on them to be "robots" for learning. Is this not the reason the Province eliminated Provincial Exams? The money spent delivering this programme can be used elsewhere.”

So far, 630 people have voted in favour of eliminating EQAO. I would encourage you all to visit this post and vote in favour.  The post to the EQAO suggestion can be found at the following link:

Sam Hammond
ETFO President