Join ETFO's Virtual Rally on Social Media with Thunderclap - August 31st

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As of Monday, August 31, 2015, ETFO members will have been without a negotiated collective agreement for an entire year.

Following discussions between ETFO and the government this summer, a bargaining date between ETFO, government representatives and OPSBA has been set for Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

On August 31 at noon, ETFO and its members will be marking both those events with a "virtual rally" on social media through Thunderclap.

What's Thunderclap?

Thunderclap allows a message to be mass-shared and sent out at the same time on social media. Collective sharing means a single statement can rise above the noise of social media and be heard by the Premier, the Minister of Education, OPSBA, the media and the public.

We are asking ETFO members to speak with one voice online in support of fair bargaining and say:

#KathleenWynne #LizSandals #OPSBA: 1 yr w/o a contract today. #ETFO members expect fair bargaining tomorrow! #ontED

To sign up for ETFO's Thunderclap "virtual rally" on August 31 at noon, go to

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