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Nova Scotia Unions Request Online Solidarity

Posted: October 1,2014

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The very first bill brought to the Nova Scotia legislature by the new Liberal government bans strikes, freezes bargaining, and takes away the right of healthcare workers to democratically choose the union that will represent them.  This is unprecedented in Canadian history. 

The four affected unions proposed a bargaining council structure that would have reduced the number of bargaining tables (the government said this was the problem it wanted to solve) but allowed workers to retain their unions.  The province rejected this and instead will give a single individual the power to move workers around from one union to another without any democratic process.

NUPGE is asking for a barrage of e-mails demanding that Nova Scotia continue to recognize the right of workers to choose their union.  It takes only a few seconds to do, so please, take a moment and respond.  Bill 1 is getting the maximum push by the province which plans on having it pass in less than a week. 

Send your message here and please pass this along to colleagues.  Time is short.