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New FNMI Resources

Posted: September 26,2016

News Category : ETFO News

The First Nations, Métis and Inuit Growth Chart Literacy Prompts, Grades K-8 resource is a companion to the Growth Chartposter that highlights a variety of texts that include diverse worldviews, perspectives and presence of First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) experiences, histories, and knowledge. The purpose of this literacy resource is to continue to support members utilizing FNMI texts listed in the Growth Chart.

This resource includes prompt sheets organized by text and grade division. Each sheet includes seven “Literacy Prompts” to encourage digging deeper in thinking and expression and four “Enrichment Activities” that further promote knowledge building, understanding and dialogue. Specific curriculum connections were intentionally excluded from each prompt sheet as the texts could easily be applied to various subjects and/or grade divisions. Members are encouraged to add or modify this resource to better suit the needs of their students and instructional practice.

Please share this resource with your members.


FNMI Brochure_ What have you heard_

The following resources were recently posted on the ETFO Spirit Horse website:

ETFO FNMI Brochure - 'What have you heard? An introduction to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.' This resource was designed to introduce ETFO members to FNMI people, the legacy of Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples and the move to reconciliation by addressing common statements that exist in our society regarding FNMI people. 

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Growth Chart Literacy Prompts, Grades K-8. This companion resource supports members utilizing the FNMI texts listed in the ETFO Growth Chart by introducing diverse worldviews, perspectives and presence of Indigenous experiences, histories, knowledge and philosophies through the texts, literacy prompts and enrichment activities.