Solidarity Saturday Local 1005 and 8782 - January 30, 2016

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In recent weeks, US Steel (the American company that purchased Hamilton’s Stelco in 2007) has been in the news for its moves to slash Canadian steel production (a move that would, inevitably lead to the full closure of the plants), to outright deny health benefits to 20,000 pensioners, and to completely shirk its responsibility to the communities it operates in by refusing to pay its share of municipal taxes.
As teachers, we know and see the impact that tough economic circumstances can have on our students and their families. This is our chance to stand with them and show our support. Let’s be in Hamilton on Saturday, January 30.

Join your PETL colleagues in standing on the Steelworkers' picket line this day.  Please see the Event to register your intentions to attend and show your support.

Please contact Felipe Pareja, PETL Political Action Chair, at or@FAPareja on Twitter if you wish any further information.